Earn HUGE yields and stellar returns when you invest in our fully insured Mega High-Yield Term Deposit® product with yields starting at 8% per year all the way to 12% per year!

Our Mega High-Yield Term Deposit® offers our clients a higher yield then any other bank or insurance company and the best part is the absolute principal and interest protection that comes with it, as a fully insured product.

In fact, If you can find a higher yield on either a bank CD or Fixed Annuity anywhere then we will cut you a check for $10,000.00 dollars on the spot and that’s the yield guarantee!

Perhaps the best thing about earning colossal sized yields with us is earning them without the associated higher risk that almost always comes with higher returns.

All Mega High-Yield Term Deposit® investments are 100% insured up to $10,000,000 dollars by top rated insurance carriers who carry a minimum rating of B++ from AM Best the credit rating agency. So when you can earn a mega yield and get mega safety and mega protection you truly find yourself in a savvy investors utopia!

Mega High-Yield Term Deposit®
w/ Full Insurance Protection
Offering APY1
3 Year Term Deposit 8% APY
5 Year Term Deposit 9% APY
7 Year Term Deposit 10% APY
10 Year Term Deposit 12% APY

American Investors missed out on $603 billion

in interest over the last 8 years by sticking with traditional fixed rate annuity products with pathetic yields that can’t even keep pace with inflation. While savvy Yield investors are outperforming the S&P index with the fully insured Mega High-Yield Term Deposit® from Yield!

Source: WSJ *

fixed annuity rates starting at

3.94% APY

fixed annuity rates starting at

3.82% APY

fixed annuity rates starting at

4.72% APY

fixed annuity rates starting at

3.63% APY

Competitor rates retrieved from each institution’s website in August 2023.

How big banks and insurance companies spend your money

It’s hard to believe big banks and insurance companies have been pocketing most of the interest earned on your savings. For too long, this money has gone toward their interests, and not yours.

Insured up to 
$10 million

The Mega High-Yield Term Deposit® is as safe as can be and is the perfect replacement for underperforming annuities, bank CDs, treasury bills, money market accounts, or risky stocks.

Ultra risk adverse investors can take great comfort in the knowledge that their investment in our Mega High-Yield Term Deposit® is fully insured and completely guaranteed.

Both your principal and interest is protected by top rated insurance carriers with a minimum rating of B++ or higher from AM Best. Your nest egg is safe with us and so are your investment objectives and retirement goals.

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Just like CDs offered by big banks, Yield Mega High-Yield Term Deposits are guaranteed investments which are fully insured.

However, most of the big banks only offer insurance up to $250,000, but with Yield you can invest in our Mega High-Yield Term Deposit® w/ Full Insurance Protection and earn two times the yield and get two times the the protection. Awesome!

Current account holders can get Yield Plus to earn 12.00% APY1 with their their Mega High-Yield Term Deposit®.

Plus membership is $10/month or $95/year.

Learn more about Yield Plus to ensure you can unlock this incredible APY on a fully guaranteed and fully insured investment product that is changing the way our customers think about Yield!

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Yield is not a bank. Yield Spend is a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of Yield.Inc. Yield High-Yield Savings Accounts are furnished by Evolve Bank & Trust;

1Obtaining stated APY (annual percentage yield) or opening a savings account does not require a minimum account balance. Stated APY is valid from date of account opening. Account fees may reduce earnings. Higher APY rate subject to paid Yield Plus subscription. Rates are subject to change.

2 National average is 0.39% APY as of April, 2023. Obtained from the FDIC.

3 Evolve Bank & Trust is a member FDIC institution and does not itself provide more than $250,000 of FDIC insurance per legal category of account ownership as described in FDIC regulations. Additional FDIC insurance coverage is provided through an Insured Deposit Network Program involving other FDIC insured depository institutions. Deposits may be insured up to $5,000,000 through an Insured Deposit Network Program. Full terms of the Program can be found at Yield.inc/legal/agreements/HYSA_Agreement and a complete list of participating banks in the program can be found at Yield.inc/legal/agreements/depositnetwork