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Automatically invest and prepare for your retirement with a tax-advantaged brokerage account at Yield. Custom-build your perfect portfolio or choose a pre-made Expert Pie based on your long-term goals, or get personalized assistance from a Yield advisor.

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The best time to open your IRA is Now!

IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) enable you save for your future with dozens of tax benefits. You can open an account and start realizing and benefiting from all the added advantages when you invest earlier and compound your earnings. 

Hypothetical example for illustrative purpose only. Calculations assuming the following constraints: (a) an initial investment of $1000, (b) an annual rate of return of 10%, (c) no taxes, fees, inflation, or withdrawals. The assumed rate of return is not guaranteed as investing involves risk of loss. Source: Investopedia.com 

Set up the account(s) that are right for you

Traditional IRAs

Traditional IRAs can be funded with pre-tax earnings for tax-deferred growth on your retirement savings. You only need to pay taxes on funds you withdraw from this account. Open a Traditional IRA

Roth IRAs

Fund your IRA with post-tax funds for tax-free growth of your retirement savings. You won’t pay taxes on funds you withdraw from this account.
Open a Roth IRA


SEP (Simplified Employee Pension) IRAs are for those who are self-employed, own a business, employ others, or earn freelance income. You won’t ever need to pay taxes on funds you withdraw from this account.
Open a SEP IRA

Rollover IRAs

Have an existing 401(k) or IRA that needs a new home? It’s easy to transfer these accounts and begin managing them on the M1 platform. Transfer an IRA or Transfer a 401(k)

Visit our Help Center to learn more about account types.

Start thinking long-term

Try an Expert Pie

Select from a several options of pre-built portfolios based on your retirement date goals, risk profile, and other long-term investing objectives.

Get Super Specific

Customize your Pie completely: include slices of different Expert Pies, select individual stocks and ETFs, and customize the amounts to your unique needs and preferences.

Stay with the plan

You can activate auto-invest and sit back while we do the rest. All of your contributions will be automatically invested in line with your preselected proportions of your pie.

Low management fees

There are no hidden costs or fees associated with Brokerage Accounts held at Yield Wealth Management including Yield IRAs Other fees may apply such as regulatory, Yield Plus membership, account closures, and ADR fees. For complete list of fees, visit yield.inc/legal/disclosures/misc-fees

What you need to know



Go to Yield’s Help Center

Anyone with earned income is eligible to open and contribute to an IRA.

No. You will be able to invest in a wide range of stocks and ETFs with your Yield IRA.

Withdrawing from your IRA may subject you to taxes and penalties depending on your age, type of IRA, and how long your account has been funded.

Traditional IRAs allow you to invest pre-tax dollars and pay taxes on your earnings at the time of withdrawal. Roth IRAs allow you to invest post-tax dollars, enabling you to withdraw contributions without paying taxes.

Yes, you can open and contribute to multiple IRAs, with some requirements. For more details about managing multiple IRAs, visit the Help Center.

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