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Invest with Pies

Start thinking of your investing strategy like a Pie, with slices of different securities making up the whole.

Creating a custom Pie lets you fine-tune the proportions of different stocks and ETFs in your strategy.

You can create a Pie from scratch or add slices of Expert Pies we’ve curated around different goals.

When it’s time to invest, your funds will be allocated in proportion to the slices in your Pie.

Research at
your fingertips

Review trading info, pricing, fundamentals, risk-related data points, performance charts, news feed, and more.

Access a flexible
line of credit

Borrow against your portfolio from 6.95%–8.50% to increase your buying power, gain liquidity, or pay for other large expenses.

your strategy

Use Dynamic Rebalancing to keep your investments perfectly allocated to your goals.

Open specialized accounts

After you’ve opened your first account with Yield, you’ll have access to other account types like Custodial Accounts and IRAs.

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The Yield Plus membership unlocks more features and better rates to help enhance your long-term wealth strategy.

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AM and PM trade windows

Set your preferred trade window

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Custodial Accounts


Work toward
long-term goals, together

Joint Brokerage Accounts allow two people to access and control the same account. Ideal for couples, friends, and family members with shared financial goals.

Learn how to open a Joint Brokerage Account

Transfer to Yield, hassle free.

Investing with another brokerage? It’s easy to move securities to Yield using our Transfer Wizard.

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Your Brokerage Account 
questions, answered

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You can set up an individual taxable account for your general investing needs, including a joint account with a relative, spouse, or domestic partner; traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs, or a trust account. Learn more about the account types Yield supports.

Yield automates day-to-day maintenance and simplifies the creation of custom investment portfolios. After you create your Pie-based portfolio, Yield utilizes its proprietary trading system to automate your trading activity. You’ll never have to input or execute any trades manually. Read more about how Yield trades.

Unlike some companies, Yield charges no management fees. There are, however, miscellaneous fees for certain services, which you can review in the Yield Fee Schedule.

Investing can be one of the best ways to build wealth for the long-term, but there are some things to keep in mind when creating your portfolio.

  • Returns from any investment requires that the company stays in business.
  • Stock prices may fluctuate up or down based on factors inside the company, political events, or market events.
  • Inflation reduces purchasing power and may erode returns for people investing in cash equivalents.
  • Interest rate changes can affect the business operations, profits, and losses of companies in many sectors of the market.
  • The potential lack of market availability of an investment you want to buy or sell quickly can reduce potential gains but increase potential losses.
  • All investing involves risk, including the risk of losing the money you invest. Yield does not provide investment advice or recommendations and you should do your own research before investing in any security.

At this time, you cannot create a combined traditional assets like stocks with crypto. Get more information about this in our Help Center.

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1 Yield Margin Loans are available on margin accounts with at least $2,000 invested per account. Not all securities are available for Yield Margin Loans and the amount that may be borrowed against a security is subject to change without notice. Available margin amount(s) of Yield Margin Loans may require greater than $2,000 per Brokerage Account. Not available for Retirement and Custodial accounts. Margin rates may vary.

2 Participate in both trade windows when you have $25,000 or more equity to comply with pattern-day trading regulations.

3 If you choose to transfer your account to another broker-dealer, only the full shares are guaranteed to transfer. Fractional shares may need to be liquidated and transferred as cash.