Borrow on margin for as little as 7.25% 1

Borrow against your investments at some of the lowest rates on the market, without extra paperwork. To learn more about the risks of margin, please review our margin account risk disclosure.

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Your money, when you need it

Yield Margin Loans are portfolio lines of credit on your qualifying Brokerage Accounts. 
Borrow up to 40% of an account’s value for as low as 7.25%1 with Yield Plus.

Some of the lowest rates 1

Access funds in minutes 2

Flexible repayment

How does Yield compare? 

Yield Margin Loan interest rates are some of the lowest in the market.

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Yield Plus margin rate is subject to a paid annual subscription. Learn about Yield Plus.
Yield rates are current as of March 2023. Information on competing brokerages was accessed from each brokerage’s website in March 2023. 

Our philosophy for long-term investing

Stay invested and pay for what you need. 
Tap into Yield Margin Loan’s flexible line of credit for things like:

Increasing your buying power to make timely investments

Getting liquidity without selling your investments

Paying for other expenses whether large or unplanned

Your Margin Loan questions,

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Automated payback schedules, and Yield Plus Smart Transfers, can help you pay back your principal.

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If your account value drops so that your equity value is below our maintenance threshold, Yield will issue a maintenance call. The maintenance threshold is normally 40% of your account value but Yield may impose additional restrictions based on risk of securities held or portfolio concentration.

When a maintenance call is issued for your account, you will either need to deposit additional cash or sell a portion of your portfolio to resolve the maintenance call.

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Unlike some companies, Yield charges no management fees. There are some miscellaneous fees for some services, which you can find here.

Yield Finance gives you flexibility with how you manage your money, but here are some things to keep in mind when taking out a loan with Yield Borrow.

  • The Yield Borrow base rate is variable and tracks the Federal Funds Rate. When the Federal Funds Rate goes up or down, the Yield Borrow base rate will follow.
  • If your portfolio value declines, your account can trigger a maintenance call and we may need to sell a portion of your portfolio to cover the loan.
  • If you use proceeds from an Yield Borrow loan to buy additional securities in your Yield Finance portfolio, the potential losses in your portfolio will be magnified. Learn more about these and other risks in our Margin Disclosure.

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1 Yield Margin Loans are available on margin accounts with at least $2,000 invested per account. Not all securities are available for Yield Margin Loans and the amount that may be borrowed against a security is subject to change without notice. Available margin amount(s) of Yield Margin Loans may require greater than $2,000 per Brokerage Account. Not available for Retirement and Custodial accounts. Margin rates may vary.

2 Funds available in minutes in Yield Spend or Yield Invest accounts, available in 1-2 business days in external banks.